Becoming an Ambassador for the Enterprise 2.0 Summit

The great news: I was appointed as one of the ambassadors for the Enterprise 2.0 Summit that will take place in 26-28 October this year in Frankfurt am Main!

Last year, I had my conference ticket and booked my flight, but I was appointed on a PhD examination committee and couldn’t go.¬† I tried every possible solution to go over even for one day, but it didn’t work out in the end.

I am absolutely thrilled! And I am so grateful to those who recommended  me for the job РI will finally get to meet the members of this vibrant community!

The pre-conference day (Oct 26) has two workshops scheduled:

They both sound extremely interesting – it is so important to understand that social media tools can’t work on their own! The right culture has to be in place for people to adopt and use them before any benefit can be realised!

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August 21 2010 11:29 pm | E2.0 and Events

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