3Dcamp – a note on FabLabs

My intention was to give a presentation about FabLabs at 3Dcamp. But being in the middle of 1000 other things, I postponed putting my name forward until no slot was left unoccupied. Well, I guess you don’t need to hear me talking – you can read it by yourselves.

FabLab (or Fabrication Laboratory) is a concept originating at MIT as part of the MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA). If you’re looking for a short explanation, it is the realistic version of the Star Trek replicator.

3D printing is just one side of it. There are mills, cutters, molding and casting and electronic circuits involved.

I first heard from FabLabs from my Dutch friends Elmine Wijnia and Ton Zijlstra. Here’s a documentary about FabLabs made by Elmine:

This is a FabLab wiki based in Afghanistan.

The whole idea is about sharing designs globally, while making things locally.

There are 41 FabLabs around in the world at the moment, in US as well as in Norway, Germany, the Netherlands in Europe, in Afghanistan and in rural India.  The concept seems to have captured the imagination of many, and inventors, artists, teachers and students can get access to top technology to experiment making things without too much need for training.

Will the day come when we’ll produce all we need in our own kitchen? The plates, the mugs, the tea towels, but also the washing machine and the family car? Will the day come when machines will be able to replicate themselves?

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