Planning for a DellCamp in UL

A post on How to turn a bad thing around on the OpenCoffeeClub Limerick blog got a lot of attention – and after that Evert Bopp, one of the fellow organisers of the LOCC, was interviewed on Today FM and on the Ryan Tubridy show.

This created a lot of buzz and the idea of organising a BarCamp focusing on entrepreneurship and start-ups

Then, I came across Stephen Kinsella’s post and listened to the podcast- he was talking about a University initiative group. It occurred to me that we should join forces, so I drew his attention to the LOCC idea.

Twitter did the rest. Other people jumped in, so on January 23, we met in UL for the first time to discuss how, when, where, who. Why was obvious: trying to turn a bad thing around… The discussion started with Stephen Kinsella, Hughie Tiernan, Bernie Goldbach and myself around the table. David Quaid, Evert Bopp, Ger Hartnett and Shane McAllister joined us shortly. We were all buzzing with great ideas about speakers, sessions, advertising and so on. The only problem we had was with the date: Stephen had already made a provisory booking of the lecture hall and break-out rooms in the Kemmy Business School. And the date was March 7. Bernie told us he just spoke to Keith Bohanna and that was the date they had picked up for Bizcamp Dublin. A short conversation with Keith on the phone, a tentative of bringing the Dublin Bizcamp to Limerick alltogether, the frightening spectrum of having two competing events on the same day, a check of the rugby calendar, and we agreed to move the event to March 21. Dellcamp became Bizcamp Limerick!

We went to see the facilities and everybody was impressed by the new KBS building.

Kemmy Business School The lecture hall

Stephen Kinsella has the whole story in thisĀ  blogpost.

January 23 2009 08:26 pm | Events and unconferences

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