WebCamp at DERI next Wednesday

After a sort of hibernation, with lots of paper writing, revising and nights without sleep, I’ve got a phone call from John Breslin, inviting me to Galway for a WebCamp on Social Networking taking place at DERI on Wednesday, the 7th of March.

My first reaction was: too bad! I won’t be able to go, I’m teaching on Wednesdays. But then I sat down and thought: this is something I’ve be longing for all these long winter months, and as they say: “where there’s a will, there‘s a way …”

I really want to attend, and the way was found;-) Now I must start thinking of my talk. What I had in mind was “Social Networking in corporate environments” – giving an account of my observations, maybe focusing on one story only… will see!

Valdis Krebs is the special guest, and he will give a talk on “Social networking and emergent communities”. Can’t wait!

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