As I said in a previous post, I started teaching a module this semester. This morning, I got a phone call from my colleague Jurgen Simpson, telling me about a seminar and a performance taking place at the Daghdha space this afternoon. Great stuff for our students, who had the opportunity to get an idea (maybe for the first time) what’s the use of what they are learning.

I went there myself for the evening concert. I didn’t get any name while I was there, but I asked my friend Google when I got back home, and he told me everything:

Soundings: KK.Null

Tuesday, October 31. At Daghdha Space, Limerick, Ireland. Soundings presents KK.Null, escalation 746, and Tony Higgins. More information is available on the web.

I had the place and the date – what else did I need?! A bit more googling, and I found out who’s who:

  • soundingsa performance series designed to open the senses to new forms of music, sound art, and media interaction;
  • Tony Higginsa 23 year old composer from Galway City, Ireland. He has just completed a Master’s in Music Technology at the University of Limerick, for which he wrote “I’ll be there in ten minutes”, for drum kit and tape. (might have been this the piece performed tonight!);
  • escalation 746escalation 746 is an association engaged in sonic attacks, art appropriation, and terminal documents. Performances are designed to detach segments from the audio spectrum in order to expose their form and the medium itself for examination. Starting in radiophonics, escalation 746 has explored performance art, music, soundtracks, phonography, electro-acoustics and other disciplines. The piece performed tonight was based on the well-known Nokia standard ringtone, and I found it extremely interesting!
  • KKNull alias KAZUYUKI KISHINO – born in Tokyo, Japan. Composer,guitarist, singer, mastermind of ZENI GEVA and electronic wizard. One of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental music since early 80’s. It was obvious to me that he was good at what he’s doing, but that doesn’t mean I liked it. I guess I lack a lot of context knowledge, and even so… It has to do with the vibes, I feel like I can’t attune myself to this frequency, it even makes specific points on my body ache…

The easy way out would be to say: I’m getting old, this is not my music, it’s for who enjoys it, leave me alone! But I don’t feel like this – I am curious, I’m ready to try , to learn … I believe it’s fantastic that sciences and arts can converge, marvelous things could come out of this… And I usually like loud music, I enjoy that tickling in my solar plexus, the only problem I have is with music hitting directly some sensitive points on my body and causing real pain…

At the end of the performance, one of my MMPT students came to me and told me full of pride that they went digital: they created a MySpace for their course and they plan to use it as a notice board! We talked about MySpace a few weeks ago, I’m glad they’re experimenting!

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