Questioning my own theory…

I’m in Vienna for a short vacation with my daughter. I was supposed to be online, both for doing some urgent work, and for blogging – after all, I’m on vacation, and I’m supposed to do whatever I love to.

Well, the Internet connection of the friend who’s hosting me refuses to work. It worked at my arrival on my own laptop – not anymore! In situations like this, I used to say it wasn’t meant to – now I started doubting about my own theory… What’s the use of a vacation if you can’t do the things you like?! Weather is bad – grey skies and -6 to -8, I’m really looking forward to landing back in Dublin on St.Patrick’s Day!

We visited the MUMOK yesterday, and Albertina today – a brilliant Egon Schiele exhibition!
I’d really like to see the Leopold Museum tomorrow, there’s a Klimt-Schiele-Kokoschka exhibition, but I have no idea if I can convince my daughter to bear with me!

I’ll try chasing some Vienna wi-fi hotspots …maybe.

Anyhow, I hope to be back here in October, for BlogTalk reloaded

March 16 2006 12:35 am | Uncategorized

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