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Looking at my Blogger account, I realised I haven’t posted a word in the last 4 weeks. I have a lot of drafts, some of them with photos and links, but I never found the time to finish them.
I guess I’ll give up blogging forever if I’ll continue this way.

Well, first it was an anti-procrastination strategy. I told myself I’ll be allowed to blog at the end of the day, because I have to put work on the first place – and this is how I ended with all those drafts. Now I realise I’m procrastinating blogging too – I can’t find my motivation to refine a post after weeks!

I guess the best thing to do would be to forget about the drafts. They were all interesting, but they are “old news” by now. And wipe out the guilt – looks like I’m the only one who can absolve me of this sin!

Of course, I have plenty of excuses. I’m working on this new project. I moved into a new apartment(it’s literally brand new!). I had a dear guest from Germany and we spent time together driving through the South of the island. I gave my “house warming” party. I am connecting to new people…

But none of them is good enough for having neglected my blog for such a long time. I repent, and I’m back to writing and posting!

July 24 2005 07:55 am | Uncategorized

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