Spring decided to stay…

Finally, my little apple tree is in blossom and it looks like Spring time is here to stay. Posted by Hello

It’s Easter time in the orthodox countries – lots of work for preparations, followed by a couple of days when tradition forbids any kind of work: it’s eating and drinking time, people are visiting friends and parents, and taking some rest.

Difficult to bear for a workaholic like me! Usually, this is the time I reserve for reading books – the only way I can resist without touching a computer! But this year, the nice weather and the close perspective of my departure for Ireland convinced me to go on vacation for a week.

I’m so spoiled this Spring – my heart is full of love, the sun is shining, wherever I turn to, I meet friends (both off and online:-), I will start working again soon… and I’m feeling really happy!

May 01 2005 03:33 am | Uncategorized

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