A bright and exciting period of my life ended this week: the post-doctoral research stage sponsored by ERCIM came to its end this Monday. A lot of thoughts to share and conclusions to draw… Unfortunately, there was no time for blogging.

In the last three weeks, I made huge efforts to finish my papers and reports, to keep up with OSN2005, to find a new job, to empty my apartment in Luxembourg and to enjoy a tiny bit of personal life. I am really amazed that I am still on my feet – it’s been a tough, but rewarding period!

I hope to catch up in the following weeks, during my vacation in Romania – there are so many drafts on my blog I would like to finish and publish!

I’ve spent the last few days in Volmarstein, Germany, attending a Leonardo project meeting. One of the Romanian students attending my blogging course was there too, so naturally we couldn’t stop from giving the others a 5 minutes lecture about blogs and what are they good for. The conclusion? Claudia created a project blog in less than 3 minutes and invited all the team members to join. I am curious to see if the initial enthusiasm will last, and we will live to see most of them posting!

The first thing I discovered in Volmarstein was the wi fi in our hotel. It was really great to be able to stay in touch with the world while working with our colleagues located in the Ruhr valley.

And now that I’m spending one more night in Stuttgart before taking a Carpatair flight to Romania, I discovered another wi fi spot in this not-so-classy hotel found on the Internet.
I am not sure if I woke up at 4 am tempted by the wi fi, or it only made my sleepless half of the night more enjoyable.

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