IRBA- Individualism Romanian Blog Awards

That’s great! Now we have Romanian Blogging Awards too! Gabriel Mihalache, whose excellent blog I discovered not so long time ago, decided to organise this competition on his own. Yesterday, reading his blog, I discovered not only that Coniecto was among the nominees for the “Most Professional Blogs”category , but also that our baby, Prinsea, is nominated in the “Most Practical Blogs” category.

We started Prinsea(the name of a children game in Romanian, meaning “catch me!”) with the intention of providing technical information (and not only!) for both actual bloggers and to-be-bloggers in Romanian language. We are four authors by now (Gabriel, Troniu, Dragos and myself), but I have signals from others who would like to join us.

The categories set up by Gabriel are: rumors, best of the best, happenings, theory, tricks – this could give you an image about the content!

I’m using Prinsea in combination with Roblogs – the course blog – for teaching blogging to a group of Romanians. It proves to be an interesting experience – even if it’s more time consuming than I ever imagined!

I don’t think the Romanian blogosphere is mature enough for organising competitions, but I welcome Individualism‘s initiative as an excellent way to raise the awareness on the blogging phenomenon in Romania, and to help us find each other. I discovered a couple of new blogs – very promising voices! There are a lot of Romanians blogging in English, from Romania or from abroad – but also people who blog in Romanian.

Well, if I succeeded to catch your attention, you can vote here.

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