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Yesterday evening I spent more than 4 hours on blogging and documenting the PKM workshop at KM Europe. In Amsterdam I succeeded to post drafts, but since then I couldn’t find the time and spirit to detail them. At a certain point, I was ready to give up. I was on the point of convincing myself that it isn’t worth it after such a long time. I had the impression of becoming a sort of “conference historian”, very different from the “conference blogger” I intended to be. Then I discovered a comment of Monica André to my post about KM Europe Day 1, reassuring me that it is worth it. And I decided to go on.

Why did it take so long? Because in the mean time I visited several other blogs, looking for names, links and enjoying my time.

Well, at about 1 am I decided I was done. I was ready to hit the Publish button, when some bad memories visited me, and I decided to make a copy of the post before hitting the button. OK! Selecting… and … everything vanished! I tried several tricks, nothing worked! Gone, gone for ever! I tried to repeat the steps, in order to understand what caused the problem. It didn’t happen again! And then my eyes fell on the calender: starting with November 30, Mercury is retrograde! I calmed down and went to bed – I can’t fight Mercury, anything but this, I am a Virgo and Mercury rules the Virgo sign. I’ll have to make peace with him!

Astrology is one of my hobbies – and because I thought you could learn a bit from my mistake too, let’s see what happens in such times, when, seen from the Earth, Mercury seems to move backwards:

Astrologically, retrogrades signal a change in pattern. The matters in life

associated with that planet tend to take a more inward focus. As the planet

doubles back over territory it just covered, we also must do things over, go

back and reinforce that which we already started. Mercury governs ideas,

communications, commerce, and travel.

What does all this mean? Plan for delays. Mercury retrograde signals

complications in holiday travel plans. It’s a tricky time when unexpected delays

and detours crop up all around, many times connected with traffic, weather,

machinery or communication snafus. The goodies are out there, but they may not

come in the package you expect. Opportunity may knock on the back door. Keep in

mind that help is available if you reach out. Despite, or maybe even because of,

this month’s glitches and snafus, you could make some very good


Mercury retrograde comes every 4 months—it’s not the end of the world—but

it is wise to understand that you may encounter misinformation, misdiagnoses,

and realities which do not fit your expectations. Be flexible during this time,

allowing room for misunderstandings and miscommunication. Where precision

matters, double check the details. When Mercury is in Saggitarius, our focus

tends to be on the forest rather than the trees. (from Molly’s Astrology

for December 2004

More on this here. But don’t panic! Just recognise it was Mercury when odd things like this happen to you and slow it down a little! What’s interesting is that all modern horoscopes advise people to back-up their harddisks before these periods. And Blogger had some problems today, did anyone else notice?

I would be happy to hear your stories on this. 30 November till 20 December – what went crazy during these days. If you don’t believe a word, just ignore me and go to the next blog on your list! But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you 😉

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