Another long silence

Tough week! I didn’t have the time to blog anymore, even if I was thinking almost all the time: I should blog this! or that!

First, I succeeded to send a paper to TICE 2004 on Weblogging as a Model for Individual and Organisational Learning . That was last week.

And then I had to work hard for preparing my module on Knowledge and Organization to be taught at the CNAM in Paris next week. Well, it’s almost done. I plan to start a new weblog for interacting with the students.

Aren’t they too many? I think I should be more focused. Writing so many blogs could be distracting and confusing. But also helpful – I can separate the different parts of my work.

Now we have to finish the paper accepted at the ECKM 04, which is also hosted by the CNAM. And I have another paper on Knowledge Based Systems pending. A lot of work, and my time in Germany is getting shorter and shorter. I will have to move to Luxemburg next month, for the second part of my fellowship. A new begining, new topics, new people…

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