Strange coincidence…

I was trying to return to Curioser and curioser on which I read a post few minutes ago.

Accidentally, I picked up a wrong URL in my IE address bar, and I retrieved a post from a blog I read several days ago.

It was The journey from WIIFM to WOMII from Few hours before, we had a meeting where we were talking about motivations for learning in a CoP. Was this an answer to my questions? It looks like!

Anyhow, I browsed few days ago and I forgot to bookmark it. Does anything happen by hazard? Or can we influence the way things happen? And OT, what comes into my mind is the introductory scene of Stalker by Tarkovski, where the redhaired little girl pushes a glass of water off the table just by looking at it.

March 02 2004 03:19 pm | Uncategorized

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