My very own weblog

I’m a bit nervous. This is really going to be my own blog!

I’m not quite a newbie. I started and maintain 6 other blogs by now. But none of them is really mine! They are project weblogs, community weblogs, paper writing weblogs…all kind of!

I’ve been thinking of this moment for quite a long time. Last year, at BlogTalk, I was just dreaming of it.

Why did it take so long? Well, I wanted to walk this country a bit, to quote jill.

I tried a bit of TypePad, a little bit of Radio, and here I am back at the good old Blogger. New friends are great, but you always can rely on the old ones.

I started to laugh when, few days ago, a colleague called me blog expert. I am not an expert at all, but I am fond of weblogs, and it looks like I’m so enthusiastic that it becomes contagious!

Lilia Efimova is perfectly right when she speeks about making your own luck. Who would have thought few months ago that my interest for blogs could be turned into a very serious research topic? And here I am!

February 18 2004 07:18 pm | Uncategorized

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